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The Brain : Documentary on the Abilities of the Human Brain

There is the most complicated object in the known universe and  the most mysterious part in  human being, which dominate the way we live. It is BRAIN

Nowadays, human’s brain are much bigger than our ancestor’s one- ape. With be bigger size, our brain need more energy to run. Our brain has staggering 100 billion neurons together, they could generate enough electricity for life. The neurons aren’t physically join together, there are tiny gaps. And to bridge these gaps, neurons release minute quantities of chemicals everytime- a fun chemical go-betweens.

About alcohol, it isn’t alcohol make human drunk, it’s fatty acids clog up the surface of the neurons, attack only parts of my brain including those control my speech, my mood, my memory.

A particular region of brain takes on a different responsibility from our most advanced healing abilities such as language, memory to the more basic ones like movement:

First, about cerebellul. It helps us learn new tasks and carry them automatically. The cerebellul is responsible for automatic movements, when we start , the cerebellul sends out instructions to the rest of the body, this happen without being aware of it.

Second, about visual sense, a whole quarter of oversized brain is devoted to vision, much more any other senses. Visual sense has many official distrinct elements, when combining them together, it will create one coherent view of the world.

Third, about powerful memory. Long –term memory is in front of the brain and average, brain can store a billion different items, this powerful memory originally evolved to help us navigate our way around our environment. Some people have good memory, scientists found that there no difference between them and us. The only different thing is that they have trained the memory.

Parents teaching their children is another way of passing information down the generations, through education, we learn about the world, all this knowledge is absord by the powerful human brain. The brain hardest task is how to deal with human society. Perhaps, this the main force behind the growth of the human brain.

Over years, human’s brain and body have evolved to meet more complicated challenges. We learned to manipulate tools, we made full use of visual sense and we developed a powerful memory. Up to now, we can build up a detailed picture of the brain we’ve evolved. The cerebellul is responsible for automatic movements, back of the brain for vision, a frontal cortex for memory, a particular site for language. But there is still something missing from this map. It’s that consciousness that  allows us to appriciate the great things in life: love, art, science, religion, make us human. Consciousness is part of whole brain.

So far, brain map is gradually discovered, but, some questions can’t be answered and author belive that much of what make us human is SOUL.

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Video 3 “The Brain : Documentary on the Abilities of the Human Brain”

-GroupC- ID195- Nguyen Thi Thuy Hue            


Date: 29/01/2015

Learning Youtube Summary : “OSHO: What Is More Important to Be Thyself or to Know Thyself?”-GroupC- ID195- Nguyen Thi Thuy Hue

OSHO: What Is More Important to Be Thyself or to Know Thyself? 

How can you know yourself when you arent yourself and how can be yourself if you don’t know who you are.

To the thyself and to know youself aren’t two separate things. There are two aspects of a simple process, you have to work on both aspects. But, it is easier to start from being yourself. To be someone, to carry  masks arent in nature of any human beings and deep down, you continue to fight with it and nobody can make you accept it. So it is easier to throw it off.

The process to throw it off is simple, whatever you are doing, thinking, deciding, remember 1 thing: Is it come from you or somebody else? You may have from your parents many advice, order, discipline, commandment. There no need to fights, just knowing that it isn’t your voice, you know that you aren’t following. Now, you are deciding to move on you own, to be mature.

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Video 2: “OSHO: What Is More Important to Be Thyself or to Know Thyself?”-GroupC- ID195- Nguyen Thi Thuy Hue


Date: 29/02/2015


LEARNING YOUTUBE SUMMARY: Video 1 “Quantum Physics And How We Affect Reality!” – GroupC- ID 195- Nguyen Thi Thuy Hue

Quantum Physics and how it affects reality!

Every day, there are  many new discoveries looking mysterious of universe and to make sense outer space, we need to understand inner space microscopic matter that forms the foundation of every things. The rule form the large-scale world and the rules in microscopic world are different. So, scientists set up rules called Quantum theory to understand more about microcopic world.

In microscopic world,  subatomic particles can go through solid objects with ease and can be multiple places at the same time, can go backward in time and change the past. This can be explained that electron  borrows energy from the future to break the barrier and then pay it back after it got to otherside. Maybe, if this is true, it can able to put to use in our every day world. Revolutionizing modern computing perhaps allows us to communicate across the cosmos. Scientists also hope to use the magical microcopic universe to build powerful new computers. It can be derived from the fact that a single cube can perform any caculations at the same time, makes the quantum computer become more powerful than any computer ever imagined.

In quantum physis, what happens to an object over here can instantly affect an objective over here and over here could be millions of miles away. So, two entangled particles cant be seperated by billions of light-years. It may suggest that information has traveled faster than the speech of light from one particle to another. Quantum entanglement could someday help human communicate  across vast distances, transfer information at a speech faster than that applied.

In fact, the most famous experiments in quantum physics show how one object can be in two places at the same time. This may be explained that the election was a particle before it was fired at the screen yet it formed a pattern the screen as if this single electron has gone through both barriers at the same time. This fact suggest that reality is simply a figment of our imagination. Another opinion that, like a particle can be in two place in a moment, human beings are all in multiple places at the same time and all our choices ar outcomes that occur in universe that are paralell to our own, just not in ours but in paralell universe

There still is a mysteries in microscopic universe is Dark matter that we cant see but it forms structures forming galaxies, it makes out neutrons, electrons, the elementary particles to go into making out everything on the earth. Anyway, scientists, havent found the evidence for this microscopic material. A question: what exists at the smallest scales at microscopic universe?? How can we explore? Because the world ‘s largest particle accelerators havent yet generated enough energy to probe things much smaller than elementary particles inside atoms. It is just assumptions and cant be proved so far. Even so, scientists belive that some thing exists even smaller scales that human mind cant comprehend it.

Whater exists at the smallest scales at the subatomic world and however these things behave, scientists must make sense of it all before they can possibly comprehend cosmos bomb, human hahavior and what might have existed before- the big day


Quantum Physics And How We Affect Reality! (Powerful!)


GroupC- ID 195- Nguyen Thi Thuy Hue

Date: 29/01/2015