Big Hero 6 Review

Yeah, last night, I realised that I were so reserved and It is time to express myself more!

Recently, on facebook, pictures of Big Hero 6  have appeared more and more, It makes me curious of watching it.In Vietnam, there are some difference between foreing blockbuster films and Vietnam ones. To foreign movies, they will be on youtube just one or two weeks after being offically released and we can watch them on there instead of going to cinema, this is contrary to vietnam ones, we need to go to cinema if we are curious of seeing them, you know why? Because they rarely appear on internet after releasing. Student like me have little money, so the best way is stay at home, open laptop and watch them on youtube with a little popcore and high-qualified headphone and my room will become a cinema. haha

My feelings about Big Hero 6 is that it is really wonderful, excellent high technique, each character, although amitation,has its own personality with feeings of happy, relaxed, love, even angry, anxious…The film told about Robot in our life which its context was in Japan ( It was not until I saw for a momet that I realised it :v) Bay max- the only robot in 6 heros whose teams do their best to fight crime. Bay Max is so lovely, it was created by Karachi, a genius in technology who died in a fire to rescue his teacher. Atfer that Bay Max followed Karachi’s younger brother Hero and continued doing its mission, that take care of human’s health. Ba-max not only  continued doing its mission but also take part in hero team which was to fight against crime and found out who was the behind all these crime. Besides harsh sceneries, Big Hero 6 was full of emotional ones,it made me lol, angry and cry a lot. Sometimes, I cried because of the love they spent each other, Bay max and Hero, Hero was determined to fight against to crime, even was in dangerous situations and at that time, Bay max always beside Hero and protects Hero. The film attracted me so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off screen. It is all my feelings, about Big Hero 6. The film so great and I think you should take one time to see! hihi. But, It is not all my thinking, the most thing I have thought about film is below:

Yes, at the end of film, to help Hero and a chracter are out of death, Bay max chose to die itself. At that time, I cried, but, there was a thougt in my mind, it was that:”Bay max was a robot, Hero can creat it again”, It just raced through my mind for a second and then I continued crying :(. I used to deem that, I wouldn’t see Bay Max anymore. However, what a great film’s director!! who let Bay Max come back. You know how?  It is my thought I told above. Bay Max is a robot and what Hero remain of Bay max is its heart (I mean the cheap Karachi made), from this heart, Hero did their best, all the time, as a wonderful result, A another Bay Max was born and it still can say : “Hello, I am Bay Max and Can I help you  take your care..?” The love between Hero and Bay max continued growing and flourishing. As you see, Bay max’s death before is siutable for the film and it is just a clever way of Wall Disney to take viewer’s tears. Because, Bay Max is a robot, Karachi created it so why can’t a genius like Hero do it? It is just a ROBOT, it isn’t A PERSON, robot can relive by the inventor but PERSON is never. The only thing I know at the moment Bay Max choose to die is both Hero and viewer cried so much and they cried for their love they spent for The Robot. It is something like love accumulating by time  when we care about so much. I mean that in some situations, we are controled by our emotion and our mind become unconscious to consider.

Here is my feelings about this lovely film, once again, Let’s it one time, It wont make you dissapointed!

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